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Ed Pennington

Pennington Financial Services, L.L.C. (located in Louisiana), serves as your Estate Planning Coach, specializing in Veterans Benefits to help families pay for Assisted Living and Long Term Care costs.

We help develop a plan to best pay for services while protecting the Veteran and their spouse, their assets, and their heirs. Our coaching plan includes many tools including Veteran's Benefits and Medicaid eligibility.

We are a family owned business that cares for our community. Let our family help your family or the families with which you work. Members of our firm are Veteran(s) and/or are Veteran Administration Accredited Agent(s). We do more than just 'talk the talk', we deliver value.

Your Estate Planning Coach specializes in the unique financial issues of older adults and their families. Our team has over thirty five years of financial experience and has been helping families achieve financial security for the last fifteen years. If you or your family would like to know more about these benefits, please contact us at 318-855-4690 or toll free at 866-323-4125. The assessment is FREE.

If you are a health care professional and work with families in the midst of financial crisis, contact us at 318-855-4690 or toll free at 866-323-4125.

We can help you help your families.

We are located at 1900 North 18th Street, Monroe, LA 71201


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Phone: (318) 855-4690
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Monroe, LA 71201
Email: info@penningtonfinancial.info
Web: medicaidlongtermcare.com/blog

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Help You Pay for Care

This benefit can help you pay anyone including your child for home care. It can also be used to help you pay for professional care in the home, for assisted living, or for nursing home. Imagine having an extra $2,120 a month that you didn't even know existed. Request Help


We provide information about veterans' benefits including what they are and who can qualify. Only individuals who are accredited attorneys, accredited agents, or accredited service officers can be involved in the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of a claim. Continue Reading...